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9IPT: DB Security

posted Nov 22, 2012, 2:10 PM by Eddie Woo
One of the things that databases excel at is keeping data secure (which is just as well - databases often contain very sensitive data! 
  1. Identify the two primary categories of problems that data security aims to prevent. 
  2. Brainstorm techniques used to secure data, and identify which problems that each technique is designed to protect against. 
  3. Explain why some security methods are kept secret while others are not.
  4. Identify the kinds of requirements that can be enforced on passwords, and explain why they are needed. 
  5. Distinguish between full and partial backup strategies.
  6. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of incremental and differential backups.
  7. Watch Safety in Numbers (by Marcus du Sautoy). 
  8. Explain how single-key encryption functions.
  9. Explain how two-key encryption functions. 
  10. Describe the ways in which mobile phones and tokens can be used to provide additional security.