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9IPT: Diagrams!

posted Sep 18, 2011, 4:14 PM by Eddie Woo
We are currently in the fourth stage of the SDLC, Solution Design. Since we are finally at the point in the development cycle where we are creating something, we need tools for visualising the new system - and that means diagrams! We've looked at these briefly, but today we will be looking at each in more detail. So please complete the following tasks:
  1. Describe context diagrams and dataflow diagrams in relation to information system diagrams.

  2. Explain how data dictionaries and system flowcharts support dataflow diagrams.

  3. Identify the various symbols used in a system flowchart and construct examples to illustrate.

  4. On the first side of the A4 worksheet (figures 11.2 and 11.3), use the context diagram and data dictionary together to fill in the other's gaps. (In the context diagram, you need to label the unlabelled dataflows.)

  5. Use the information from the A5 handout to fill out the data flow diagram and the system flowchart, which focuses on process 4 of the DFD.

  6. Draw detailed system flowcharts for three processes within the Canteen 2012 project.