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9IPT: Diagrams for UtP

posted Sep 5, 2012, 7:26 PM by Eddie Woo
Last lesson we just established the first step in Understanding the Problem - talking to the people involved and getting their perspective on things. But once we understand the problem, how do we articulate and represent that understanding? That's what today's lesson is about. 
  1. Recall the components and goal of an information system diagram.
  2. Describe context diagrams and dataflow diagrams in relation to the information system diagram.
  3. Draw preliminary context diagrams and dataflow diagrams for the systems you have chosen to develop for the Ruse 2013 project.
  4. Finalise the questions of your end user and participant surveys, then determine (a) who exactly will be surveyed, (b) who will be doing the surveying and (c) when you will do it!