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9IPT: Draft Day!

posted Jun 7, 2012, 4:21 PM by Eddie Woo
It's been exactly a week since you received your group projects. So I'm declaring today "draft day" - I would like every group to create a draft version of every component of the assignment that you will hand in at the end. No exceptions. You have a double period to do this - in your group, you should be able to do it!

Your draft version will obviously be incomplete, but I know from experience that sometimes the hardest thing about getting something done (particular if it's large, like some of the sections of this project) is to just start it. So, no excuses! Start writing up your sections, delegating work, setting a timeline for when things need to be finished - and don't forget to write a post on your register documenting your progress. (I recommend that every member of your group actually write their own register post for today's lesson - it will help you all keep track of who has accomplished what.)

Ready? Go!