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9IPT: Intro to Storing & Retrieving

posted Jun 4, 2012, 3:58 PM by Eddie Woo
Information processes: we are up to number four, which is generally viewed as Storing & Retrieving (though as we move further forward, we start to lose our connection with chronological order).

Complete the following tasks:
  1. Briefly describe the storing and retrieving process.

  2. Outline the three primary purposes of storing and retrieving.

  3. There are numerous types of devices dedicated to the storing and retrieving process.
    • Identify as many of these devices as you can (both analog and digital). 
    • Where applicable, describe the typical purpose of each device.

  4. Compare and contrast the following devices in terms of their physical medium, capacity, speed and cost:
    • Hard drive (HD)
    • Random-access memory (RAM)
    • Digital versatile disc (DVD)
    • Flash drive