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9IPT: Issues in Collecting

posted Mar 7, 2012, 12:35 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Mar 7, 2012, 6:47 PM by Unknown user ]
Please complete the tasks below: 
  1. Define "bias" and identify three of its potential causes.

  2. Identify 3 examples of questions where the identity of the asker would introduce serious bias into the answers. 

  3. For the scenarios below, identify likely problems that caused the collection of inaccurate data and suggest techniques that could be used to minimise the chance of such issues occuring in the future:
    • Despite repeated requests to be removed from a mail order company's database, Fred continues to receive catalogues every month.
    • Mary receives her monthly credit card statement and finds an entry for a product that she did not purchase. The business claims that her credit card number was indeed used to purchase the product over the telephone.
    • A current affairs television program conducts a telephone survey on people's voting preferences. Each phone call is charged 55 cents. Once the election is complete, it's found that the results of the survey were significantly inaccurate.
    • John is stopped at immigration on his way back from an overseas trip. He is questioned at length in regard to his activities whilst away from Australia. Eventually, immigration determines that the information that led to this questioning concerns a different individual.
    • Julie's pay is credited each week directly into her bank account. By chance, Julie checks her account details online and finds that she has been paid incorrectly. Going back through the records, she finds similar errors have been occuring for several months.

  4. Explain the four reasons the source of data must always be acknowledged. 

  5. For the scenarios below, identify privacy issues and discuss suitable techniques that should be used during the collecting process to help resolve each of the issues you've identified.
    • You have just purchased a new pair of jeans and the shop assistant asks for your name, address and phone number.
    • On a job application, one of the questions asks if you have a criminal record.
    • You subscribe to email updates for a product on the internet. Subsequently you begin receiving vairous marketing emails from other businesses.