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9IPT: Maintenance

posted Oct 13, 2011, 3:26 PM by Eddie Woo
Today we'll finish off our look at the SDLC with the 'last' part of the 'last' stage: maintainence.
  1. Distinguish between the two kinds of maintenance.
  2. Outline the general types of maintenance that must take place in an information system, and identify the ones that apply to your Canteen 2012 project.

    To finish off the system development life cycle, we need to consider the social and ethical issues related to system development.

  3. Read the article, The machine-centred mind set. Do you agree that the machine-centred mind set has not changed that much? Discuss.
  4. Read Human Centred Systems. How could a lack of 'system usability' lead to system failure? Justify your response with concrete examples (you may research these using the internet if you wish).
  5. Read Introduction to Ambient Intelligence. This concept certainly sounds desirable, but will it assist the information systems of real world organisations to better achieve their purpose? Discuss.