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9IPT: Manual Collecting Methods

posted Mar 11, 2012, 1:41 PM by Eddie Woo
Digital data collection has invaded our lives - all the photos you take are digital, all the music that you listen to is recorded digitally, and all the movies you watch are filmed digitally. 

Yet for all this, manual collecting methods remain vital to the way we live, study and work each day - and despite advances such as the DER laptops, they still show no signs of disappearing in the near future. Complete the following tasks, relating to non-computer-based collecting methods, in your book or on your laptop.
  1. Explain why manual collecting methods are still a significant part of our everyday lives, and likely to continue for many decades to come.
  2. Describe the four primary categories of manual collecting methods.
  3. For each category, identify a computer-based equivalent.
  4. Compare and contrast each manual collecting method with its computer-based equivalent, taking particular notice of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.