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9IPT: NCB Analysing

posted May 15, 2012, 10:11 PM by Eddie Woo
Being able to get meaningful information from a sea of meaningless data has always been a useful skill, long before computers ever turned up on the scene. Therefore, humanity has devised plenty of non-computer-based methods for analysing data.

In pairs, request a 'data source' from the supervising teacher and then complete these tasks in relation to the source you've been given:
  1. Identify the data contained within it.
  2. Describe examples of information that people would typically gain from it.
  3. Outline and evaluate how the data has already been analysed, and what features have been included in the data source to aid further analysis.
  4. Identify as many CB alternatives to your NCB data source as possible.
  5. Compare and contrast your NCB data source with multiple CB alternatives. In particular, distinguish between the major advantages and disadvantages of each.
  6. Hence, critically evaluate the NCB or the CB version of your data source as to which should continue if society could only keep one of them.
  7. Submit all of your answers to these tasks to me in a Google doc shared to my username (