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9IPT: Need for Speed

posted Jul 23, 2012, 5:29 PM by Eddie Woo
"Oh, lag..." The speed of our communications systems is something we experience all the time. We're going to learn about the different ways to describe the speed of a transfer. It may get a bit technical at times, so please stop me to ask questions whenever things get unclear!
  1. Define "bps" and hence contrast between the units for transmitting/receiving and storing/retrieving.

  2. Investigate the maximum bps for some common types of connections (e.g. USB, Firewire, ADSL2+).

  3. Calculate the approximate time it would take for a 350MB file to be downloaded on a connection rated at 10Mbps.

  4. Describe the three main methods used for sending data through an analogue signal (use diagrams!).

  5. Define a baud (and hence "baud rate").

  6. Define bandwidth, and hence explain why bandwidth is often confused with transfer speed in general.