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9IPT: Organised!

posted Mar 12, 2012, 1:57 PM by Eddie Woo
Complete the following tasks: 
  1. Compare and contrast "organising" in the context of the IPT course with "organising" as it is used in normal everyday language.

  2. For the three examples of organising discussed in class, (a) identify the multiple methods of organising the data and (b) explain what process/purpose each method is particularly suited to.

  3. The vast majority of applications we use on a daily basis are able to organise data in several ways. Explore this concept by completing the following:
    (a) Select a single application on your laptop (or desktop) and open the "Save As" dialog. 
    (b) Under the "Save as type" menu, list out all the file formats given for your application.
    (c) Use the internet to research each of these formats and identify their distinguishing characteristics.

  4. Explain the reasons why it is useful for a single application to be able to (a) organise data in multiple formats and (b) process data that is organised in a variety of formats.