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9IPT: Organising Audio

posted Mar 21, 2012, 6:22 PM by Eddie Woo
We use audio all the time. We love audio. It makes boring bus and train rides bearable. It makes TV and movies enjoyable. (Can you imagine when there were only silent films!) Audio is a big part of our lives - but do we know how it's organised and how that makes everything we enjoy about it possible? 
  1. Describe the nature of sound.

  2. Outline the process of digitising audio by using: 
    • samples
    • signals

  3. Identify the factors that affect the quality and file size of a sampled audio file.

  4. Calculate the size of an uncompressed CD-quality song that is 4 minutes and 23 seconds long.

  5. For the following organising methods, identify the information processes that are made (a) easier and (b) more difficult, and provide an explanation for why this is the case.
    • WAV
    • MP3
    • MIDI
    • M4B
    • WMA