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9IPT: Solo Project Highlights

posted Apr 27, 2011, 2:07 PM by Eddie Woo
One of the reasons we (as a school) kick so much butt in the HSC is because we have learned the value of teamwork. Not just that, but we execute it very well. It tends to happen best in the HSC courses - perhaps because they are so much more difficult, that they require co-operation to complete to a high level. In any case, a consistent theme I have observed is that when competition gives way to collaboration, classes tend to really thrive and excel at what they attempt.

To that end, what I am giving you below is a series of highlights - that is, for each of the components of the Solo Project, who did a particularly good job? Whose work was exemplary and worth holding up for praise? Who would you pattern yourself on if you didn't do so well? Go and find these people during class (or whenever is convenient for you) and spend some time learning from them! That's what collaboration is all about.

Project Component
Investigation Methods
Possible Solutions Sai
Economic Feasibility
Technical Feasibility
Schedule Feasibility
Process Analysis
Promotional Material

By the way, even if you got full marks for a section, it may be worth looking at someone else's work to see how you can improve. For instance, while the majority of you scored a 7 on your Process Analysis, Kevin's work on this section really demonstrates a higher level of detail and it is very insightfully written. (If the Process Analysis were worth 14 marks, Kevin would have received all of them but most of you would not have.) So go on and have a look!