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9IPT: Speed Measurements

posted Jul 25, 2011, 1:55 PM by Eddie Woo
Today, we'll be learning about the different ways to describe the speed of a transfer. It will get a little technical at times, so please stop me to ask questions whenever things get unclear!
  1. Define "bps" and hence contrast between the units for transmitting/receiving and storing/retrieving.

  2. Investigate the maximum bps for some common types of connections (e.g. USB, Firewire, ADSL2+).

  3. Calculate the approximate time it would take for a 350MB file to be downloaded on a connection rated at 10Mbps.

  4. Describe the three main methods used for sending data through an analogue signal (diagrams may be helpful).

  5. Define baud rate.

  6. Define bandwidth, and hence explain why bandwidth is often confused with transfer speed in general.