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9IPT: The 7 Processes (2)

posted Feb 12, 2012, 12:50 PM by Eddie Woo
Last lesson, we spent time looking at the concept of analysing and some examples of how we turn data into information. Today will be a short lesson (as I have to go to a music practice around 8:30 or so), so let's get stuck right into it...
  1. As promised, I'll give you about 10 minutes to finalise your flier and submit it. You can either email it to me ( or you can share it to me through Google Docs ( Your choice!

  2. Following that, we'll turn our attention to storing & retrieving. Briefly outline what the process includes.

  3. Describe the four reasons why storing and retrieving are essential to modern information systems.

  4. There are numerous types of devices dedicated to the storing and retrieving process. 
    • Identify as many of these devices as you can (both analog and digital).
    • Where applicable, describe the typical purpose of each device.

  5. Compare and contrast the following devices in terms of their physical medium, capacity, speed and cost:
    • Hard drive (HD)
    • Random-access memory (RAM)
    • Digital versatile disc (DVD)
    • Flash drive