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9IPT: The Cyberpill

posted Apr 23, 2012, 3:18 PM by Eddie Woo
Welcome back to turbulent Term 2! Getting right down to business, something you all no doubt want to know - the time for your exam has been finalised at last. It will be held on Tuesday 1st May in periods 6 and 7. It was originally scheduled for periods 4 and 5 on the same day, but you have a High Resolves activity from periods 1 to 5 so it had to be changed. 

That means we have just a few short lessons before you'll be sitting down for your very first IPT exam, so we can't waste any time in getting your brains back into the IPT frame of mind! So let's go: 
  1. Read about Pills That Text You When You Forget to Take Them
  2. Construct a comprehensive information system diagram for this system. 
  3. Discuss the social and ethical issues raised by the implementation of this kind of technology. In your answer, make specific reference to the different groups of people who are affected by the technology in differing ways.
  4. Propose three new ways that similar kinds of technologies could be used for different purposes or in different contexts, and explain the advantages or disadvantages that would accompany each use.