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9IPT: Transmitting & Receiving Types

posted Jul 19, 2012, 4:18 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Jul 19, 2012, 4:20 PM ]
Today's double, as usual, we'll be looking at some concepts and then using the remainder of the time for your group projects. Please complete the following tasks:
  1. Contrast between serial and parallel transmission.
  2. Explain why parallel transmission is sometimes used within an individual computer, but seldom elsewhere.
  3. The next questions relate to simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex transmission.
    • Contrast between these types of transmission.
    • Identify 2 real-world examples of each, and explain why each example is particularly suited to the type of transmission being used. 
  4. Once you've properly answered the questions above, show me your work - then I'll give you permission to start on your group project. Get a move on - there are just under 4 weeks to go!