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Darn weeds!

posted Oct 22, 2012, 2:33 PM by Eddie Woo
Well, I have to say that this is about as random as "Woo Random Files" gets (at least so far). I'm publishing a new writing, entitled What I Learnt About Sin While Weeding, which is made up of 18 thoughts that I originally posted to Acts 17:11. When I first published them, some of them really struck a chord with people, so I thought it might be worth putting them all together in one place in case anyone was interested to read them all through at once. To pique your interest, here are the headings to each thought:
  1. Weeding is hard work
  2. Weeding is always hard work
  3. You can never get as much success as you would like
  4. You can usually get more success than you would think
  5. Weeding is worth doing even if you can never conquer the weeds completely
  6. Some weeds require serious thought and creativity to kill
  7. Some weeds require teamwork to kill
  8. You need to sever something's roots to kill it completely
  9. Things are more interconnected than you think
  10. Weeds stop good plants from growing well (and vice versa)
  11. Sometimes good plants get taken out while weeding - and sometimes that's necessary
  12. There isn't always a connection between how dangerous a weed looks and how dangerous it really is
  13. People weed for different reasons - some better than others
  14. Good plants can become weeds too - if you let them
  15. Continual weeding can frustrate - but it can also strengthen
  16. Weeding is not much point unless you are really growing something
  17. Weeds can come in through adjacent properties
  18. Even ways of fighting weeds will bring in their own weeds
So if you're curious, have a read. Hope it gives you some food for thought!