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Data Security

posted Feb 22, 2011, 12:52 PM by Eddie Woo
Continuing on from yesterday's lesson, complete the following tasks related to the issue of data security:
  1. For each of the security measures identified during the class discussion:
    (a) identify the security risk it aims to address,
    (b) describe the way in which it works, and
    (c) outline some of the ways in which this security measure can be circumvented.

  2. Investigate the concept of "phishing", and hence:
    (a) describe how it represents a security risk (with reference to examples), and
    (b) explain the ways in which internet users can avoid falling victim to this tactic.

  3. With regard to consumer anti-virus software:
    (a) identify three real-world examples that can be purchased by consumers,
    (b) describe the process of "signature-based detection", and
    (c) explain how "file emulation" is able to distinguish between malicious and innocuous software.