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Debate A: Adjudicators' Conclusions

posted Feb 22, 2011, 3:22 PM by Eddie Woo
Below are the comments provided by adjudicators to summarise the result of the debate:
  • Negative. They had a better collection of points, better technical definitions, and caseline.
  • I believe the negative team had more convincing points, even though their manner was not as good as the affirmative. I think the negative team won.
  • Negative team had better examples and well researched. They showed good co-operation.
  • I think the affirmative team's argument was much more solid.
  • The affirmative team won by a slight margin because: overall team has better cohesion, debate had better structure, and related to topic more.
  • Affirmative won for me as their relevance to the topic and group connection won for me.
  • Affirmative kept momentum going, while negative dropped off after first speaker and failed to pick up again.
  • Positive just seemed better. Solid start and  end, good rebuts. Negative was off topic.
  • Affirmative. At first when only the first two speakers had spoken, it was close. As we proceeded the margin between the teams increased. Especially because the affirmative team were more connected, in tune, and stood their ground better. Negative just kept going down.
  • Affirmative
  • Although Cheuk and Andrew had good points, the negative's overall debate was not as strong as the affirmative.
  • I believe the negative won, as they had more sustained and logical argument. The affirmative concluded well, but their rebuts and some arguments let them down.
  • I believe that the negative won due to the affirmative's lack of manner. Arguments were about even.
  • Affirmative wins - their points were more well-defined and relevant. Negative didn't have enough preparation and teamwork.
  • I think the affirmative team won as their argument was much stronger and made more sense than the negative's.
Well done to both teams for mounting a successful argument and performing very well! And additionally, congratulations to the affirmative for securing a close victory.