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Frustrations with being slow.

posted Apr 28, 2009, 6:09 PM by Eddie Woo
I'm a pretty slow person. That's an unqualified statement. There are very few things in all of life that I do quickly. That includes washing dishes, running, thinking, marking exam papers, setting exam papers, learning new things, and so on.

I'm a particularly slow writer - I was never able to write more than four pages in an hour when doing essays under exam conditions. (During the HSC, I was one of the people who watched on in dismay as others around me repeatedly put up their hands and asked for new writing booklets while I was still on my first one.)

I'm slow with updating this website, too. As I was trawling through the folders on my computer where I store all my classwork and files, I noticed heaps of documents and worksheets I'd written that I hadn't uploaded. Here's a list of what I've put up just now:
Whew! In addition to uploading all those, I updated the 10E homework page with the most recent exercises and sheets that have been assigned since last bookmark.

Lastly - and this is the update that has been the longest time coming - you will notice that there is now a proper Year 12 section, and the Preliminary IPT section has been reinstated. Last year when the IPT class entered the HSC part of the course, I simply renamed the preliminary section. However, the sections were getting a little big, so I decided to split them off properly. I also re-arranged the navigation because I felt the left-hand menu was getting too long for my liking.

Okay, I think that's all of today's updates! See you all at tomorrow's athletics carnival.