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Fuel for Project Registers

posted Jun 26, 2009, 9:26 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Jun 28, 2009, 7:05 PM ]
I'm beginning to get the feeling that this major project is really going to come down to the wire!

As you all know, your project register is a major component of your final submission. It makes up 44% of your major project mark (and 50% of the mark that you can still influence). Some of you have maintained your registers really well; others, not so much.

Below, I've posted a series of questions that you can answer in individual project register posts. Some of them will require additional explanation before they make full sense, but others you can start on right away if you desire. They are drawn straight out of the assessed HSC course outcomes of the project brief.
  • H1.1: Explain the nature and function of the intranet in the context of the school.
  • H1.2: Identify instances of the 7 processes undertaken by various participants, end users and people in the environment within this information system.
  • H2.2: Explain how the intranet is a solution for an identified need, with reference to all 7 processes.
  • H3.1: Evaluate and discuss the current/potential effect of the intranet on (a) individual students, (b) the school population (staff and students alike), and (c) the JRAHS information environment.
  • H4.1: What emerging information needs is James Ruse likely to face in the next 5, 20 and 50 years? How will the intranet meet these needs?
  • H6.1: Based on your answer to the H4.1 question, propose a solution for the 2010 apocalipticDesign team to develop and implement next year.
  • H7.1: Explain the management techniques used during this project.
  • H7.2: Create your project register Repository - an index of all your project register posts.
We'll go through all of these in detail on Tuesday morning.