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Get to work!

posted Mar 8, 2009, 2:42 PM by Eddie Woo
I have good memories of work experience - of travelling into the city (which was very novel at the time), of great interest in what people actually did for work each day, and of simply getting away from school for a week! Year 10, we'll miss you - me especially, since I have two year 10 classes. Hope you have a good week.

My IPT class - I highly recommend you use your spare time this week (if you end up getting any!) to get some study done in preparation for the week 9 exam, which will cover the parts of Information Systems & Databases that weren't in the previous exam, as well as the entirety of Communications Systems (which we are only going to finish the week after work experience is finished).

I'll see all you Westmead Public Hospital people on Friday at 11am!