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Hello, 2010.

posted Jan 26, 2010, 1:06 PM by Eddie Woo
So, where are all the flying cars? I hope you've all had a restful break - and happy Australia Day for yesterday! Heading into the summer holidays, I had a to-do list about the length of my arm, and in an uncharacteristic move I completed the whole thing. 2010, here we come!

There are going to be a few changes with how this site will be used this year, mostly to do with my plan to include my maths classes in using the site (together with their new laptops and such - more on that later on). Year 9s look out, because I'm coming for you!

Also, there are some fun plans in the works for the intranet this year - but they're still under wraps. You'll have to keep your ear to the ground if you're really interested - I'll need a few weeks to get those things in motion. It's going to be an exciting year. 8-)

Since school's just started (for teachers at least), I figured I might as well put up my timetable. IPT students beware, this timetable doesn't include morning classes! (We'll negotiate those together in class.)

I hope you're looking forward to this year as much as I am. See you all in the next few days.