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Intranet update: Cadets & ISCF

posted Jan 5, 2009, 3:14 PM by Eddie Woo
Time for a nice big post! I spent the better part of yesterday doing a major update to the Co-Curricular section. My two focus areas were the Cadets section, and the ISCF section.

There was actually a massive amount of available, but unpublished, information available from the old cadets site. The front page of cadets section on the old intranet didn't lead anywhere. (Actually, that's only half-true - it had a splash page, which then led to a blank page. It didn't even say, "this page has been intentionally left blank". I feel justified in saying that it didn't lead anywhere.)

Once I did some digging, I discovered no less than 757 files (worth 263MB) that all fell under the category of "resources". I'm talking about manuals, policy documents, lesson plans and presentations on all kinds of topics (especially first aid). It's a treasure trove of material, which took me the better part of a day to organise, compress, arrange into a suitable hierarchy and then upload. But it's done now! I'm looking forward to seeing what the cadets make of that when school starts.

The ISCF section had quite a few things to add onto it, too. It started with a gallery of photos from last year's Term 1 Welcome to ISCF event (which you can see on the right). There are some in-built features of Google Sites that make photo gallery generation very easy, but these are basically blocked by the DET and in my estimation those features aren't significant enough to be worth fighting for (at least for now). So I did a tiny bit of manual HTML editing as I concluded that would be the fastest way to handle all the thumbnail images and their respective links.

Something else that was a little more elaborate was the new section titled The Purpose of ISCF, which was based on the transcripts of three introductory talks I did at ISCF's Friday public meetings at the beginning of 2008. As you probably have guessed, they are meant to explain what the purpose of ISCF is - why it exists. It's intended for members to read, but anyone's welcome to have a squiz. It might help you to gain some insight into what our group is about.

Okay, that's all from me for now - stay tuned!