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Intranet update: It's icon-o-tastic!

posted Mar 31, 2009, 10:47 PM by Eddie Woo
Updates about the intranet have been pretty thin on the ground recently because - well, because I've been too busy actually updating the intranet to give you updates about the intranet. If that makes any sense...

Anyway, most of the new or updated stuff on the intranet has been announced on the intranet itself. But one thing that won't receive any official mention on the intranet is my implementation of news post icons. You'll able to see them on the right of any news post from now on, giving you an extra visual cue to let you know what part of the intranet that post is about.

These colourful little round guys were one of the most fun things for me to make during the initial intranet design stage (many months ago, now), which I guess is an instinctive nod to the good old days when I didn't have anything better to do than to make websites and meddle in graphic design. I like to think that they add a nice edge to the school intranet as a whole, simultaneously lending some thematic consistency whilst also subtly distinguishing the various sections of the site. I love finding excuses to use them anywhere I can. But sometimes I need to be reminded that there's a fine line between improving usability and just spamming pretty pictures!

A semi-related side note. If I could, I would make Don't Make Me Think a required textbook for the HSC IPT course.