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Intranet Update: It's over 9000!

posted May 11, 2009, 3:18 AM by Eddie Woo   [ updated May 11, 2009, 4:22 AM ]
Now this is what I call a milestone. Over the weekend, the new school intranet logged its 10,000th hour of usage. That is to say, if 10 people were using the intranet for half an hour, that would be logged as 5 hours of usage. If you calculate it from when development started in earnest (mid-January), that works out to 87 hours every day. (If you calculate it from when the intranet was publicly launched, it works out to a rather higher 105 hours every day.)

For me, it's really quite exciting. The intranet is nowhere near its full potential - there are scores of areas that can be expanded significantly, and there are even more completely new ideas for ways in which the intranet can be used to support learning and school organisation. To risk a cliche, the sky's the limit.

I thought I would take this opportunity to indulge in some otherwise useless statistics. Numbers are ordinarily pretty boring things, but when they are analysed (!) and meaning is drawn out of them, they can be very interesting. So here are a few little numerical factoids for you...

Intranet available outside of school = awesome.
It had been a long-term goal for the school to enable students and parents to access the intranet at home (or at parents' workplaces). But no one really knew whether it would be used, or how much, if it was available. Now we know that it is used, and used heavily (somewhat to my surprise, given the lack of content in many sections). How do I know that people are accessing it from elsewhere? Click the diagnostic below to see the full version:

When you browse the intranet, your computer automatically leaves an entry in every website's "guestbook" (so to speak) that tells the website some data about you. Among other things (like IP address, operating system, browser type), something your computer leaves in its guestbook entry is the internet service provider it used to access the website. Handy dandy IPT students (and other lesser geeks) are well aware of the fact that all the data sent to your computer from the internet passes directly through your ISP anyway, so this shouldn't be a surprise.

The pie graph clearly shows you the most popular ISPs (based on how many hours of usage each has logged on the site). Optus is a clear leader, followed by TPG and Telstra. Internet traffic from within the DET network is a distant fourth. All in all, internet traffic from outside the DET network accounts for over 84% of the intranet's usage. That's pretty significant.

You guys = night owls.
Okay, so we didn't really need the intranet to tell us that, but it's interesting to see in the usage trends nonetheless. As before, click the graph below to see it in its full resolution glory:

This graph shows pageviews on the intranet (vertical axis - you can see the scale on the sides of the graph) against hour of the day (horizontal axis, in 24-hour time). A couple of things come out of this: firstly, the graph is negatively skewed, showing a usage preference for the later hours of the day. In fact, usage between the hours of 3pm and midnight is about 63% - meaning that the intranet is used twice as much outside of school hours than it is inside school hours. (The previous statistics on network location reveal that a major chunk of the usage during school hours is actually from outside the school - either parents or jiggers who are evidently very bored.) 

The major peak starts at 6pm and goes on for a good 3 hours, suggesting that people eat dinner and then get online. I bet ten bucks that most people have it open alongside their MSN and other browser windows/tabs. What's a little stranger is the spike in activity that seems to occur at 2pm - I have no real explanation for that. I'm open to suggestions if you think you know what's going on there! Stranger still is the fact that - though the graph doesn't show it well because of its scale - there are actually some of you hitting the site between the hours of 1am and 7am. Boy - I mean, I like the intranet and all, but I think that's pretty devoted!

Okay, I'm sure that's more than enough statistical tomfoolery for your homework-filled minds. Good night!

P.S. Can you tell I've been waiting to use that title for a news post for a long time? 8-)