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Intranet update: Launch tomorrow!

posted Feb 8, 2009, 8:10 PM by Eddie Woo
Hi everyone. The time has finally come - even though I for one wish it was a little bit later - for the new intranet to launch!

There are lots of things that aren't yet fully complete, but this will give a real booster (no pun intended) to the development team to get things moving. Tomorrow in roll call, all years (except for year 12, who don't have roll call) will be receiving their logins and their temporary passwords, so that they can access the new intranet from school and at home. I anticipate lots of people with trouble logging in and lost passwords - but that's part and parcel of supporting an information system with real people as end users!

Reminder to my IPT class: we have class on tomorrow morning. See you bright and early at 8am!