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Intranet update: more Co-Curricular groups

posted Dec 25, 2008, 8:45 PM by Eddie Woo
After (literally) eating my way through Christmas Day, I've had a very productive Boxing Day. I've continued to bulk up the Co-Curricular section of the new intranet. Here's a little glimpse:

There's obviously still heaps to do, but it's already starting to have more content than the original intranet! And it's much more consistently arranged, which was always one of the most frustrating things about the previous design.

This is a reminder to all members of aD to get a move on with putting content up on their portfolios! Most of you have the starting point of the old faculty sites to begin from - those of you who don't, ought to head over to the Board of Studies to grab some relevant documents and material. Get moving, and don't forget to update your registers!