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Intranet Update: Moving house

posted Feb 10, 2009, 8:15 PM by Eddie Woo
I've only moved once in my life. All in all it was quite exciting - in that I was quite looking forward to living in my new home. But the process itself was filled with the niggling feeling that I was forgetting to do or pack something important, and that there would be things I never even thought of doing that I was yet to discover needed to be done.

Moving over to the new intranet has been much the same. It's the first time I've driven and managed an operation of this magnitude in a local setting before. And like moving house, it's been exciting (because I think the new intranet rules!), but there have been so many extra little things I needed to do that I've only just gotten around to. The list is too long to go through in detail, but suffice to say I'm losing sleep over it! (Not from worrying - just from remaining awake to finish the extra work.)

I put up an official "moving" sign on the new intranet, to help people in the in-between time when the old intranet is still the homepage of browsers within the school. Tomorrow, I'll be making a brief announcement in the sports assembly about it (after I figure out exactly what I'm going to say - so far I've only just worked out that I need to make an announcement, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to announce yet!). And soon, I'll be able to get some rest because my to-do list isn't as long as my arm!

Here's a shout out for my awesome touch football team, who won both their games against Model Farms today (5-2 and 5-1!). You guys rock!

And to everyone: enjoy the school dance tonight, folks. Don't go home too late. 8-)