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Intranet update: Portal

posted Jan 9, 2009, 2:39 PM by Eddie Woo
And now for something that everyone can view, even if you're not part of the aD team. In order to provide a front page that didn't require login to access, some time ago I created the Portal. Yesterday, with the domain renewed, I decided to make some minor adjustments to it:

You can see that what I added was the quick image links to the subsections of Faculties and Co-Curricular. Admittedly, people will not know what to do with them at first - that is not the point - but once people become accustomed to the logos for each section, it will make each subsection accessible by one less click than otherwise. The icons are listed in alphabetical order anyway, so it shouldn't take too long to learn.

I wonder if anyone else has any comments about what should appear on the Portal? Keeping in mind that it has to be entirely viewable on one screen, I'm open to suggestions.