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IPT: Periods 2-3, Thursday

posted Oct 22, 2008, 4:07 AM by Eddie Woo
Hi everyone. Welcome back to the year 9s. Unfortunately, we don't have time for niceties right now; we've missed three periods of IPT over the last week and we need to catch them up fast!

I've added a link to the Syllabus Project on the left-hand navigation temporarily, just so you can get there that-much-faster. Based on the pages you've already created, I've updated the contents page so that it links to all the work you've done - but there's still a lot left!

At risk of sounding ridiculous, there is actually one additional task that I would like to add to the syllabus project right now. If anyone finds themselves sitting around doing nothing because their team is waiting on another team or has completed all their current tasks, then consider the following. One of the problems with the syllabus is that, once you get down to it, it is actually quite difficult to understand at a glance. It uses very precise language, some of which is quite technical, which is great when you're trying to sound professional and academic... but not so great when you're trying to understand the basic idea of something in a hurry. 

So here's the idea: every page should have a "In 30 seconds..." text box, right at the top of the page, which summarises the content on the page into a few sentences. As the name suggests, it should be brief enough to be read in about 30 seconds, while still capturing the page's core ideas. This will obviously be more difficult on some pages than others, but nonetheless I think it would be a great feature for us to include (mainly for you guys when you come back and study this material, but also for future classes).