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IPT: Syllabus Project update & homework

posted Oct 17, 2008, 1:54 AM by Eddie Woo
Hi everyone. The weekend looms, and year 9 is on camp Monday and Tuesday! This means that we won't meet together as a class again till next Thursday. That's a long time.

As a result, it's vital that everyone works on their various parts of the Project before we have class again next week. In fact, the bulk of the content needs to be up by Thursday, so that we can actually spend most of the double period (on Thursday October 23) getting links done, and testing out the usability of the site for improvements (particularly to navigation, which will be hard to test before the entire thing is basically done).

I have made some changes and re-arrangements to the project site, mainly changing the old index into a new subpage (called Team Organisation) and making Clay's contents page the new project index. Please don't forget to create talk pages as subpages of every page you make, and disable commenting on the syllabus pages themselves - this will mean that discussion on each of the pages can still take place without cluttering up the actual syllabus content.

Enjoy the weekend and next week's camp - see you in a week!