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IPT: Additional content for faculties

posted Jan 4, 2009, 7:01 PM by Eddie Woo
Hi class. A couple of topics to address in today's news post.

Those pesky DNS issues
So I worked out what happened - and I should have figured it out much earlier! It was no coincidence that the DNS problems started on the first day of the new year. Can you guess what the problem was? Our domain registration expired! 

No one knew what was going on because the previous contact person who had organised the domain name ( was... Michael Quinlan. That's right, our ex-principal, who's been retired for a couple of years now. Oops. We're on the road to recovery - hopefully the re-registration of the domain will click in and propagate soon enough.

Additional content for faculties
I've been trawling through the vast amounts of disorganised data from the old intranet and found a range of files that are going to be useful for some members of our class. Specifically, the following portfolios:
  • Science (senior)
  • English (senior)
  • HSIE (senior)
  • Industrial Arts & Technology
  • Mathematics
If that's you, then listen up! The year 12s of 2002 started up a section on the intranet where they gathered samples of work and notes for the HSC courses. I've popped these into ZIP files for each separate portfolio, and you can grab them off the front page of each of your faculties. Once you've done that, please add a comment onto this news post so that I can know to delete them. Thanks everyone.