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IPT: Bleh. I'm sick.

posted Dec 3, 2008, 2:08 AM by Eddie Woo
Good morning, class. I've developed a really nasty sore throat, and it's one of those that signals the onset of a knock-you-flat respiratory infection. I can't really talk right now.

If you've been keeping up with the news, and have been paying attention to your course outline, then you'll know that you'll be beginning your major project (that will last more than half a year) very soon. In preparation for that, please... 
  • Finish off the bits of chapter 1 we didn't cover before the exam - testing, evaluating and maintaining systems (unit 1.6, pages 25-26 in the textbook). You can answer the questions at the bottom of page 26.
  • Read the questions on page 39 that talk about database information systems. Once you've done that, go all the way back to page 33 and begin to read through, answering the questions as you read the relevant text. Pay particular attention to how different database information systems have different nuances that arise from their peculiar environments and purposes, as this concept will be very important in the upcoming major project.
Thanks everyone, and apologies that I couldn't be there in person. Next Monday in the double, we will unveil the new major project - can you tell that I'm really looking forward to it? Here's another clue about it: