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IPT: Decision-Making, Part 2

posted Jun 4, 2009, 3:06 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Jun 4, 2009, 4:53 PM ]
First things first: this morning, I'm not introducing any new content. Today you'll be finishing off your work on Herbert Simon's three-stage model of decision-making, fleshing out its practicalities with actual examples. I thought that would be best given the state of the class over the last two days - people absent yesterday who need to catch up on three periods of work (!), people absent today because of the second day of Zone Athletics, and people who are fatigued from last night's performance and so not well-equipped to handle more new stuff.

I commend you all on your work yesterday with the MP3 recorders. That was surprisingly difficult (>100 recordings between Blair and Kevin!), but I was impressed with how efficiently some of you made your recordings (I think first place goes to Ria, who recorded everything in 5 takes). I've listened to everyone's answers and they are well composed. I recommend that you go and have a listen to the answers of those who evaluated characteristics that you personally didn't look at.

To help you do that, I've re-jigged the Evaluating DSS Characteristics page. Now, as well as showing the name of the person who evaluated the feature/goal, it links to the audio file they recorded. Note that Amy, Bach and Nivvi haven't yet recorded their answers so their links are null pointers.

If you complete your three examples of decision-making, let me know and then move onto project work with the remaining time in the period.

Edit: By the way - according to the just-uploaded HSC Term 2 Exam Schedule, our next exam is now confirmed for Monday 22 June (from 9-11:05am). Get it in your diaries now! In response, we'll probably turn the Friday 19 June lesson into a Q & A session, unless you guys can think of something you think would be more helpful to prepare you at the last moment.