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IPT: DSS + Multimedia = ?

posted Jun 1, 2009, 4:08 PM by Eddie Woo
One of the things I love about the IPT course is how entangled it is. Usually when we say something is tangled, it is because we would like it to be straightened out (as with shoelaces that I accidentally knot too tightly, rubbish bags that I have tied up just before finding the last thing that needed to be thrown away, and headphones that have been hurriedly stuffed in a pocket).

But in this case, I suppose a more positive word for what I'm referring to is interconnectedness. Every part of the IPT course relates to other sections of the course - sometimes explicitly, sometimes coincidentally. Everything you've learnt already is built upon when looking at new content. Every time you learn something new, it sheds light on some other topic you've studied.

So this morning, you're going to take your critical evalulation of DSS features and goals, and make a podcast of it! (This is why you were meant to write it as if it were to be spoken.) Our microphone-enabled MP3 players have arrived and you'll be recording your two answers as two separate files. Upload them onto today's classwork post, let me know and I will download and convert (organise) those files into a format with broader compatability. Get to it!