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IPT: Elevator Pitch

posted May 6, 2009, 6:34 AM by Eddie Woo   [ updated May 6, 2009, 7:13 AM ]
I hope that, since Tuesday, your minds have been racing with ideas for your new mini-assignment. Whenever I'm teaching this topic, I find myself noticing multimedia everywhere I look - which is not that difficult, given that we're literally surrounded by it day and night! (Somewhat like the "surround projectors" in the image to the right, which are intended to simulate 360° panoramic views.)

Tomorrow morning, you will all be giving "elevator pitches" of your multimedia systems. What's a pitch? It's a short, sharp summary of what you are attempting to do or offer. What's an elevator pitch? It's a pitch that's short enough to be given in a brief elevator trip! In the sales and marketing business, that's usually about half a minute.

According to π^e...

Name Digits Order
Amy  2245 11
Joey 9157 2
Kevin 7183 4
Tony 6104 5
Jason 5473 6
Nivvi 4271 9
Clay 5220 7
Komal 4543 8
Bach 7350 3
Blair 2758 10
Cathy 9315 1
I think that's a bit thin, so I'm offering you 2 minutes to summarise your idea for the mini-assignment. You'll need to state your portfolio and chosen genre for the multimedia system, then succinctly explain your ideas for how each of the 6 required media types will be incorporated into the system. Following that, the rest of the team will provide you with some feedback, so you can go back to the drawing board and improve your original concept before you actually start to create it!

You'll have some 15 minutes to get your elevator pitch ready, and then we'll jump right into it. I used the transcendent number π^e (3.14159265... to the power of 2.71828182...) to randomly order everyone (flipped a coin to choose descending order), and for the sake of full disclosure (and so you can see I didn't rig it), the results are visible on the right.

(Ria, you are exempt because you missed the lesson where we introduced the mini-assignment - but only temporarily!)