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IPT: Flat-file & Relational Databases

posted Jan 28, 2009, 12:15 PM by Eddie Woo
...and, we're back! Today, among other things, we're getting straight into business. On your classwork news page, make a new post and write up your notes about flat-file and relational databases. Make sure you (a) include sufficient technical detail and (b) write things in your own words if you know that the technical details will be meaningless to you in six months when you need to study them!

Then, open your textbooks to pages 41-46, and read through the summary of database types. Answer the questions on page 46 in a new post.

Don't forget to have a look through your portfolio (whether it's in a planning stage or is already in prototype on the intranet) and be ready to explain it and receive feedback. Take notes on the feedback and summarise it (and the changes you plan to make) on your project register.