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IPT: Case Study

posted Sep 21, 2009, 12:38 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Sep 21, 2009, 12:51 PM ]
In today's lesson, we'll be focusing entirely on a single website. Sadly, it actually only offers its services to U.S. residents, but I think you will be able to learn enough about this system to see its massive relevance to the course. is an online personal finance management application. It allows users to automatically track their bank accounts and electronic transactions, and provides numerous features that help users to make informed decisions about their money.

Take some time to browse the website, then answer the following questions:
  1. Identify the purpose of the information system.
  2. Explain specifically how the 7 information processes achieve this purpose.
  3. Identify the type of decision support system that is offered to end users, and justify your answer.
  4. Create a data flow diagram that comprehensively represents the movement of data within the system throughout a normal day of use.
  5. Discuss emerging trends in technology with reference to this online service.