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IPT: Network Topologies

posted Mar 2, 2009, 2:42 AM by Eddie Woo
Tomorrow morning's early class will involve an all-class discussion, followed by an opportunity to record notes based off of the questions and answers we talk about. Points to remember:
  1. Topology = topos (Gk. "place") + ology (Gk. "logic", "understanding", "study")
  2. Network topology refers to the manner in which computers (nodes) are connected to one another in a network.
  3. The ring diagram in the textbooks is not very good!
Questions to discuss (and then answer formally):
  1. The textbook describes three common topologies: bus, star and ring networks. But they don't describe point-to-point, mesh or tree (hierarchical) networks. Put together tables that compare the advantages and disadvantages that characterise these topologies.
  2. Since a wireless network does not have any cables connecting its nodes, how could its topology be described?