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IPT: Overview of Multimedia Processes

posted May 20, 2009, 6:54 AM by Eddie Woo
We've now spent quite some time looking at how the various information processes are connected to multimedia. Now it's your turn to demonstrate that you really understand what the 7 information processes look like in a multimedia context! Here's what we're going to do:
              1. Imagine. Spend some time thinking up your own multimedia-specific examples of each of the information processes. Aim to make the examples as unusual as possible (you will see why in a minute!). 
              2. Record. Write the examples down in your book - at least (but possible more) than one for each process - together with the process that you think the example represents. 
              3. Upload. Then go to this page and add an item for each of your examples. Fill in the "Example" and "Name" fields, and leave the "Answer" field blank.
              4. The fun part! I will then take the completed list and select examples at random. Your job is to identify the examples. Write your answers down in your book and we will mark them all together at the end. 
              5. Scoring. You score 2 points for every correct answer, 0 points for a non-attempt, -1 points for every incorrect answer, and 5 points if less than half the class guesses your example correctly! (Obviously this doesn't count if you have identified your own example wrongly in the first place. I'll provide definitive answers on contested examples at the end.) Note your score in a classwork post.
After we've finished the game, go back to the list of examples and add in answers for the examples you wrote!