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IPT: The end of the keyboard?

posted Apr 26, 2009, 6:22 AM by Eddie Woo
The beginning of the end, maybe. A couple of months ago, I asked you to invent a new communications system. A number of you came up with suggestions that involved mind-reading of some kind (1, 2, 3). Pretty fanciful, right? It might be closer than we think.

I stumbled upon this article whilst trawling through New Scientist (despite not having studied any sciences during the HSC, I find science intensely interesting and love reading about it). Apparently mind-reading technology is not ground-breaking these days - but the interesting thing in recent times is that such technology is about to become commercially available and affordable for personal use. 

As it happens, an Aussie company named Emotiv is marketing the headset referred to in the New Scientist article. Have a poke around their website to see some of the applications they have in mind for the technology. Fascinating stuff!