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IPT Triple

posted May 5, 2010, 2:11 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated May 5, 2010, 7:05 PM ]
Though your exams aren't ready for review yet, there's plenty for us to do in the meantime! And, lots of it has to do with your laptops. So let's get stuck into it.
  1. Consider the following scenario:

    You and a few of your friends are working together on a group assignment for school. The assessment task requires you to produce and submit a report on the topic of 'school life'.

    A central requirement of the task is that everyone in your team must submit content (e.g. text, photos, charts, diagrams) to the final report and must take part in the editing process, to ensure that the writing is of the highest quality possible.

    However, one condition applied to the entire process is that none of the team members are permitted to see each other face-to-face; the whole report must be composed when the team members are physically apart, and all communications must be carried out electronically.

    In small groups (3 ≤ size ≤ 5), construct (on paper) an information system diagram that represents the information system you will need to use in order to finish your group assignment. Pay particular attention to the information processes and give multiple detailed examples of each one.

  2. Now, visit the following site: Google Docs Settings @ JRAHS.
    • Next to "General", click on "Editing".
    • The third option on the list is called "New version of Google documents". Tick the checkbox and then click on the Save button. 
    • Have one of your group members start a new document. At the top-right, they can click on the "Share" button and then select "Invite people...". The email addresses to add are your intranet usernames, such as "".
    • Once people have been invited, they can refresh their page and the new document should appear under the listing.

  3. Start to edit your new collaborative document simultaneously! The title of the document should be: "New Laptops, New Horizons", and it should talk about what your group thinks are the key benefits and new opportunities available to you now that you have your new laptops.

  4. Stay tuned for more instructions!
P.S. Kudos to the first person who can work out the reason for today's news image. 8-)