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IPT: Vox pop on intranet resources

posted Jan 31, 2009, 6:21 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Feb 6, 2009, 6:15 PM ]
"Vox pop" is actually short for vox populi, which is Latin for "voice of the people". It basically refers to the opinions of the general public, which is how it has become synonymous with randomised on-the-street TV interviews.

One of your recent tasks in the major project was to be your own vox pop on intranet resources. You're developing the new site, so what do people want on there? Naturally, that won't line up entirely with what will end up being on there (for technical, social and ethical reasons), but it's an excellent starting point to go from.

This is one of those occasions where I love the fact that we as a class do our work through a collaborative website. As I was going through everyone's different suggestions for what resources they want on their portfolios, I realised that maybe you would like to compare notes on that too! It's very wise to check out other people's suggestions about resources, to see if there is something you would like to incorporate into your portfolio. This isn't a competition; we're working together as a team, so the more we can feed off each other's ideas and creativity, the better.

To make that a little easier, here are links to everyone's register posts that describe their requests. I've included each person's portfolio to make it a little easier to find what you might be looking for:
  • Amy (Junior HSIE)
  • Bach (Industrial Arts / Technology) (N/A - computer problems)
  • Blair (Mathematics)
  • Cathy (Senior HSIE)
  • Clay (Junior Science)
  • Jason (Junior English)
  • Joey (LOTE)
  • Kevin (PD/H/PE)
  • Komal (Visual Arts)
  • Lakmitha (Senior English)
  • Nivvi (Drama)
  • Parth (Senior Science)
  • Ria (Music)
  • Richard (Careers)
  • Tony (Agriculture)