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Manual Collecting

posted May 26, 2010, 8:44 PM by Eddie Woo
A big part of the IPT course is to compare the seven processes as they take place in current IT-based systems with how they occur in more traditional, less technological environments. Understanding non-computer-based (NCB) methods for collecting is really important because - despite how pervasive technology is in our world - these methods are still happening, and likely will never completely fade away!

In a new classwork post, write up a response to the following task.

For each of the five principal methods for collecting data manually (i.e. without a computer), answer the following questions:
  1. Describe the information-technology-based systems that have been developed to replace this method.
  2. Evaluate the unique advantages and disadvantages of this method for data collection.
  3. Identify factors that affect the effectiveness of this technique.