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Math Help Boards

posted May 13, 2013, 6:47 PM by Eddie Woo
Recently, I decided to spend a bit of time promoting Wootube in different communities around the internet. I didn't want to do this too early, because I wanted to have a substantial amount of content there to point people toward. I now have about 350 videos, so I figured this was an opportune time. 

One of the places I went was These guys have set up a massive forum where people can ask questions and get highly skilled people to help them with their answers. They're volunteers giving up their time to help others, which is pretty awesome in my book. 

So if you guys have any maths questions and aren't sure who to ask, then sign up and give these guys a go - the quality of the responses I have seen is (obviously) varied, but seems pretty reliable to me. Definitely worth a look.