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Merry Christmas for 2012!

posted Dec 18, 2012, 12:53 PM by Eddie Woo
As with many others, I find the end of the year to be one of my favourite times. It's not just the inevitable parties and celebrations (though in a year like this, many of those are bittersweet because they are also farewells). It's not just the opportunity to actually get a break from work. For me, I like to reflect over the last 12 months and how much has changed. Like the growth of a tree, it's hard to see what's really changing when you look at something day by day. But if you take a step back and think about things over time, you realise that what used to be a seed has turned into a towering oak. Life's a bit like that. 

What did you achieve in 2012? What experiences have changed you? I've done a few interesting things this year: 
  • In January, I made a new year's resolution to read the Bible and write a reflection on it every day at a page called Acts 17:11. I've kept it up so far and amazingly quite a few people have even joined me for the journey! 
  • In February, I got invited to spend a day in Google's very unusual offices in Pyrmont.
  • In March, I went for an interview to gain a permanent teaching position at Ruse - and got it. It took four years, but I finally made it! Every day that I come into this school, I'm amazed that I get paid to work here. 
  • In April, July and September, I preached at more churches and events than ever in a single year. I had the privilege of speaking at Baulkham Hills Chinese Alliance Church, St. Matthew's Anglican Church in West Pennant Hills, NorthSide Chinese Alliance Church in Epping and at the mid-year Combined ISCF Train & Plan. My brain is still recovering.
  • In November, I launched a YouTube channel. 54 videos and counting.
  • In December, after weeks of preparation, I got to say goodbye to a much-loved teacher. As a result I've rendered myself unable to listen to the song American Pie without weird lyrics popping into my head. 
So even if the world does end in 2 days, I think I can go out on a pretty memorable note. Thanks for all the good times, everyone. 8-)

To finish, here's a snapshot of what 2013 is going to look like for me. With the exception of those unusual lessons on Monday A, all my maths classes will be in C2.7 (I guess the other classes got sick of me kicking them out so I could use the projector) and all my IPT classes will be in T1.5 as usual.

And that's just about all from me, I think. Have a safe holidays - I'll see you all in the new year!