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Must think of better acronyms.

posted Mar 1, 2009, 1:29 AM by Eddie Woo
I won't be at school tomorrow. I'm going to be attending a "regional ICT workshop" as part of the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program - or AGQTP for short. Our school participated in a government-funded program to develop and improve the quality of our teaching. That's had lots of results, the most obvious one being the Year 8 "Let Us Change The World" project that was run last year across the grade.

I wasn't actually part of the official team that ran the project and did all of the other "QT" things, but I was requested to design and implement the online discussion forum that the year 8s used to communicate during the project. (It was like secondment, except I didn't go anywhere. Ah, the joys of being the computer-guy!) So that means I'm heading to wonderful Whalan tomorrow with Mr. Iverach to attend this workshop. (I have no idea if Whalan is actually wonderful - I'm just doing it for the alliteration.)

To my IPT class: I've updated the Term 1 classwork page, up to and just past the exam in week 9, so that you know how we're going to be covering the course content over the next few weeks. We have a lot to look at before y'all head off to work experience, so get ready for some hard work in the days to come!