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NBN Marking Guidelines

posted Aug 30, 2011, 6:47 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 1, 2011, 1:40 PM by Eddie Woo ]
1. a. Identify the project management techniques that may have been used during the NBN's development. (3 marks)

Marking CriteriaMarks
Identifies 3 project management techniques that could be used in response to the hacking scandal.3
Identifies 2 project management techniques that could be used in response to the hacking scandal.2
Identifies 1 project management techniques that could be used in response to the hacking scandal.1
No answer/incomplete0

Possible answers include:
- Prototyping
- Gantt Chart
- Requirements Report
- Communication Skills (any below count)
- Active listening
- Conflict resolution
- Brainstorming
- Negotiation/Compromise skills
- Team building

b. Evaluate the effectiveness of the aforementioned project management techniques.(6 marks)
Marking CriteriaMarks
Evaluates three project management techniques, with a great understanding of the details involved5-6
Evaluates 2 project management techniques3-4
Evaluates 1 project management technique1-2
No answer/incomplete0

-allows for the understanding of system requirements
-ensures that the developers can modify any parts that are not perfect.
- Allows for a systematic approach to resolving the problem; any smaller problems along the way may be rectified.
-costly to implement and must be done several times

Requirement Report
-depicts the goals and objectives of the new system
-details the possible solutions that can be used to resolve the original problem

Gantt Chart
-allows for the scheduling of tasks
- ensures that the pm team can understand the complexity of each of the tasks that are involved.
- helps maintain the project so it ends up being delivered on time.

Communication Skills
-allows for the team to effectively communicate with each other to serve the purpose of the project
- ensures that bonds between team members are strengthened
- allow for strategic management of problems

Add more if you want......

2. Propose a system development life cycle to resolve the issues pointed out in the article (8 marks)

Understanding the Problem (1mark)
- understand the problem of the slow rate at which vacancies can be filled; leading to understaffing of posts in the NBN management. 

Making Decisions (2 mark)
- undertaking a feasibility study that details how the problem outlined above will be tackled.
- this feasibility study will mention if the solution is economically, technically and operationally viable to fit in the required time.

Designing solutions (2 marks)
-proposing a series of solutions that may be used to tackle the problem such as outsourcing technical staff from China and India and other countries.
-use of system designing tools such as context diagrams and data flow diagrams to represent the solutions.

Implementing solution(2mark)
-an appropriate method of conversion such as pilot that involves the trial of the system with a small number of workers.
-how to train participants such as through guided online tutorials.

Evaluating, Testing and Maintaining(1 mark)
-collecting feedback from the new workers
-testing the system for any potential problems through the use of live, simulated or volume data.